Laryngeal Paralysis Surgery

Herman really wants to go outsideHerman’s going in tomorrow for the surgery I said I was considering. It actually feels a bit sudden because we went in for a surgical consult today, and I had figured we’d be scheduling it a few weeks ago, but the surgeon could fit him in tomorrow, so I decided sooner is better. If Herman has 1-2 good years left, we should get those started asap. Like with my own surgeries, I’m not giving much thought to worst case scenarios. What’s the point? I’m assuming he’ll be fine. If he’s not, it’ll be horrible. If I worry about a horrible outcome now, it will still be just as horrible.

Pic from September 2007, when Herman was a spry 6 or 7 years ago.


2 thoughts on “Laryngeal Paralysis Surgery

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. I was preoccupied with poor Mr. Featherbottom. Herman has recovered well from the surgery but I am concerned that the surgery didn’t fix the problem as much add I had hoped. He still had long panting episodes and I’m not even taken him for real walks or exposing him to stress. When he gets his stitches out on Wednesday I’ll ask the vet for some answers. I hate to have put Herman through the ordeal of the surgery and paid out for the expensive procedure of it is not going to improve his quality of life

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