Roger Ebert

I’ve become too self-conscious about my writing to tackle a worthy tribute to the great Roger Ebert. I don’t know of great writers because I am a failed reader. But, over the years, I’ve read virtually every movie review by Roger Ebert for virtually every movie I’ve seen. His opinion and his analysis trumped all others. With his insightful and humorous words, he’d tell me why I liked or disliked a film when I couldn’t find the words. (I make a habit of reading reviews AFTER I’ve seen a movie, though I generally don’t go out of my way to see films that have been panned by the top critics.) I had really enjoyed his commentaries on politics and the nature of life and death and love over the last few years on his blog, and I had been amazed by both how prolific and how positive he generally remained as he battled cancer and its cruel repercussions.

And, in the days before the internet and DVRs, growing up, I did dig through the TV Guide as my local stations would shuffle At The Movies around on the schedule, because it was one of my must-see programs each week. Siskel & Ebert were the best.

There are thousands of wonderful writings that Roger Ebert has left. There is so much great stuff being posted around the internet today. This 2012 blog post about his wife Chaz makes me smile.


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