Tulum Part 14 / Hidden Worlds (11/12/11)

Into 2013, and I’m still going through the motions of finishing off blog posts that have been on the To-Do list for 13 months.

These pics are repetitive. In a day of skycycling through tree canopies and, zip-lining and rappelling into underwater caves (lots of fun), I mostly just got a lot of pictures of skycycling. I think my camera battery died after that activity. Skycycling is traversing a zipline using the power of pedaling. Crammed into a little cabin, it’s an exhausting venture, and it probably gave me the superficial blood clot that was diagnosed a couple of weeks later. Anyway, here’s Part 14 of the Tulum photo blogging series, from Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park.

The whole set of Hidden Worlds photos on Flickr

Hidden Worlds
Entrance building welcome cat

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Pedaling, with EA in front of me

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds
Tree canopy

Hidden Worlds
What goes up must come down


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