Vizio Netflix app limits TV series to 100 episodes

Just adding an extra blurb on the internet along with the others that say the same thing, so it may save someone else 20 minutes of their life. On my Vizio TV’s Netflix app, any television show with more than 100 episodes will only have 100 episodes listed. (Examples: Family Guy, Family Ties) It won’t necessarily be the first 100 episodes. There might be gaps here and there. I called Netflix customer support, and wasted 20 minutes with a confused support agent before he declared that he would log an incident. I’m not sure he ever believed it was a legitimate issue. I wasn’t given an incident ID nor did I ask for one. For a company that seems it would want to place a strong emphasis on customer service, I didn’t feel like I received it. Ultimately, I don’t care. My other TV has a Roku box. And this is a First World Problem.


3 thoughts on “Vizio Netflix app limits TV series to 100 episodes

  1. I have 2 Vizio TVs. One was purchased roughly 2 years ago and the other was purchased just last month. The older one has a very basic Netflix app and has the 100 episode limit issue. The new one; however, has a much more extensive app and lists all episodes. I talked to Netflix customer support about the older TV and, like you, wasted time with a confused agent getting nothing done. I think they must have addressed the issue with newer devices; but have yet to develop a solution for the older ones.

  2. Thanks for the reply, Amelia. Both of my TV’s are Vizios. My 5 or 6-year-old larger one is a pre-internet-TV. It’s not ready to be replaced, but it’s good to know I shouldn’t avoid recommending Vizio because of the awkward internet apps on what is now almost a 3-year-old TV.

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