Tulum Part 13 / Downtown Tulum (11/12/11)

The day after the wedding, and before the outing to Adventure World, I took a drive by myself to downtown Tulum. Not a whole lot to see, and yet it WAS a lot to see, since, in my little American bubble, I haven’t seen much of life outside the U.S. I’m well-aware that simply going into the less-touristy downtown area of a resort town is hardly experiencing the life of the locals, but I felt like I somewhat got away from the tourist thing for about 90 minutes.

Downtown Tulum Village Dog
Village dog

Antojitos La Tuxtlequita Tulum MX
I had breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita. It was adequate.

Breakfast at Antojitos La Tuxtlequita in Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-49-41 AM
Huevos motuleños

Downtown Tulum 11-12-2011 9-45-08 AM
I feel I failed to capture the excitement of downtown Tulum

Tulum morning 11-12-2011 9-08-01 AM
Not Downtown Tulum, but it was from that morning, outside of my hotel

Tulum Wedding - 4 Maracas 11-12-2011 12-12-15 AM
Not really from the morning; from late the previous night; I enjoyed my maracas


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