Nephrectomy wrap-up

I’ll say a little more and then, most likely, not much else other to reference whatever I’m doing to kill time during my recovery or if I feel compelled to make some point about healthcare.

I was released from the hospital on Monday afternoon, which is about two days beyond what I had hoped my stay would last. During my stay, it seemed clear that the various doctors on my case could not agree on the best course of pain relief. I would have one course explained only to have those plans altered hours later. I grant that the nurses generally did give me pain relief as I requested it or would fight the doctors to get it to me.

I kept my lack of regard for a couple of the doctors to myself, as I knew I’d have to deal with them for the duration of my stay. As I indicated a few days ago, as well as a couple of years, my surgeon was the only doctor I felt comfortable with.

The pain scale is bullshit. There would be a significant difference between my pain level at rest and perhaps a minute later if I needed to get up. Which pain number to report? There really needs to be a pre-op discussion about how the patient interprets the pain scale. You’re told that 10 out of 10 is “the worst pain you’ve ever experienced.” What’s tolerable for me? A 5? A 4? I would be challenged, “But you said you were a 5 earlier”. Anyway, I’m frustrated just thinking about it. Now that I’m out of there, I am in control of when I need more pain meds.

Hospital stays suck and will always suck. This one went better than my one from a couple of years ago. I hope it’s a long time before I have to do this again.

Resting comfortably at M & E’s. Will head home in a couple of days.


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