Neprectomy wrap-up day 3

Again, not posted bc I think its great blogging. Need something for those who ask and in case something happens.

I may report vastly different versions of how things are going based on the time of the day.

Doing fine in morning with painkillers working. In early afternoon, had first solid food. Got my cath taken out. Hit 1500 on my spirometer. Did a walk around the floor. Then got my first solid 2+ hour nap.

Earlier in the day, surgeon’s associate had bullied me with tough talk on using the spirometer and getting up to walk, implying I had been a slacker the previous day. This guy is far more experienced and knowledgable than the previous day’s Dr. C (J) but he still earns my affectionate nickname of Dr. Asshole.

So upon waking up from my nap, I was in terrible pain due to lack of self-administered med. My surgeon, who is Dr. Nice Guy, told me I needed not to push myself too hard, that I was doing fine with recovery but would need a couple more days. He basically contradicted the other doc.

So I’m here until at least Sunday.

Things quiet tonight except when I awoke from a nice nap again. Needed to get up to use the loo. Lack of recent pain med meant horrible pain coupled with extreme shivering. Nurse assistant “write down random temp” seemed wholly indifferent to my suffering. Wondering if its because I ratted her out yesterday.

Note to well-meaning visitors…please do not crowd me for long periods. Please do not attempt to be my proxy.

On another note, I briefly turned on TV at noon, saw on CNN that a couple of people had been shot at an elementary school. The scope had not become apparent.  I’m selfishly relieved that I turned off the tv and a few hours later happened to land on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.


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