Somewhat more than a tad paranoid

Dr. Chiang, let’s call him that, since it would be unfair to publicly call him out when he may be a fine intern. (I’ve substituted the J with a Ch.) That’d the attending physician. I am biased against doctors ten years my junior who can’t engage in a basic provider-patient dialogue and suggests that I start using my spirometer as a remedy for my fever. Agreed that the spirometer is helpful, but he simply presumed I hadn’t. I had been despite the discomfort of doing so. Ok,  so minor issue.

I’m just going to make an aside and declare that I hate typing on my Nexus 7 tablet. My thumbs ate challenged. Need a physical keyboard. Would switch to my oldschool phone with slideout keyboard but I’ve misplaced it for the moment.

And I really ought to be resting instead if stressing over the D team that’s in charge of me tonight. The phlebotomist who just did a double blood draw did an awesome job.

Anyway, forget the spirometer. They’re checking blood and urine and presumably will give me an antibiotic.

And if I die, I hold them all accountable.

H and K get Z. Someone please give Herman s good home. Leave Mr F with my vet.

Joking folks, though the care of the cats must be considered.


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