Nephrectomy fun

Was intending this just for fb, but mobile phone app limits updates to x characters.

Don’t want to overshare tmi with tmp but fb can be a useful tool when not wanting to answer same questions multiple times. Though i may not be up to being interactive.

Surgery to remove remaining huge grotesque polycystic kidney was successful yesterday in that the kidney is gone and there were no major complications. However, pain management has not gone well. I have a huge inflamed cavity that feels like a bomb blew up. Any movement impacting torso or abdomen is potentially excrutiating. May finally have a new solution to manage this.

Never actually got a room. Went from noisy, chaotic recovery area to a more isolated recovery room that is usually quiet. Nurses have been a mixed bag, from amazing to awful. Duke is, as always, a mixed bag of competence, which is frightening considering duke is a top hospital in the world. My surgeon is awesome, i must say.

I wont get out of here too quickly since i basically lost a day due to bungled pain management. Maybe friday evening but saturday seeming more realistic.

Must stop writing and try to sleep, since ive got a dark quiet room for only who knows how long


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