A tad paranoid


An hour ago, the unlisted NT took my temperature, came up with three readings that were all over the place. Rather than start over with a new thermometer, she just picked one…somewhere around 100.6 even though there had been one over 102. I guess she didn’t want to set up any alarms since I reported not feeling particularly feverish. I don’t know why I went along with it. I just had the nurse take it. It’s 101.8. And I feel a little nauseous. She’s paging “the doctor”. Who’s the doctor? Who knows.

I was going to post a new summary with the latest downs and ups…I had finally just started feeling a little better in the last few hours, finally getting sufficient pain meds. Now I’m having another WTF moment. All the nursing assistant had to do was take my vital signs. There aren’t very many of ’em. The temperature is a pretty important one.


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