Storm door!

Of the tens of thousands of dollars in home improvements that I NEED, near the bottom of the list was a storm door for the front. I would survive without one. It was while I was knocking on doors for Obama last month (yeah, I did this; a story I probably will not get around to telling), that I became especially self-conscious about my lack of a storm door. It seems to be a fixture for all bungalows in old Durham neighbors. Not all. But when you have a very old house, it seems to be the norm.

So I got one. The photos do not reflect the final state. I had the guy who had initially installed it a couple of weeks ago come back last week to put some trim to fix up the look. Since my old frankenhouse has all sorts of lines and spaces askew, there were spaces to fill and extra borders to add. I haven’t gotten around to taking after-after pictures. He also repaired that long-standing hole in my porch. The porch could use replacing, but that’s for another day. Before I got the door, I also ripped off the ugly vinyl/aluminum cover (I’m confused as to which it is) around the door-frame. I’ve still got that stuff around the pillars and windows, but this is a start.

The best part of the storm door is having a huge window in the living room, since the windows in my house are small. It’s far more pleasant now to be able to see more of the outside. Almost as important, the pets have a new window. I wish Aremid could’ve seen this.





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