Old boy

Old boy 2012.09.30
(September 30, 2012)

I have lots of photos to sort through…recent pet pics, year-old Tulum pics, three-month-old Vermont pics, 15-year-old cat pics… I have no second-thoughts about using this blog for photo-blogging. Lacking a better solution and happy to have unlimited uploads, I’ll continue to use Flickr Pro. I don’t backup my hard drive, and I’m a bit reluctant to have all my eggs in Google’s basket, so I’m starting to upload all the raw images from the past two years up to Flickr.

Anyway, Herman’s been an old boy since I got him over six years ago, and he’s always looked especially old when at rest on the couch. I know he looks quite geriatric and out-of-it here. But he definitely still comes alive when he’s out-and-about meeting people, or at the dog park meeting other dogs. We had better have at least a couple of years left together.


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