Just blog

What would happen if I just blogged without worry, with a minimal filter, with an eye on simply releasing stress into the ether? I’ve done that before, sure. But I’ve never made a commitment to doing that. Why not? Why not just go for it?

I don’t know where I’d start, frankly. There’s too much.

There are hundreds of times of day that I’m aware of how differently I perceive the world. At least, I perceive that I perceive the world differently than most. How do I own that? I don’t know.

One theme I wish I could more openly explore would be “what I don’t know.” The vast number of things I don’t know swarms me like bees, stinging me all the time. Does anyone else go through their day…their days…feeling such a sense of inferiority… This is a rhetorical question.

I’m not focused enough right now to compose a proper entry. Just some rambling as I regain my blogging footing…or just blog without having any footing.


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