I don’t know what to do with this blog. I took it offline for nearly a month. One reader pointed this out to me. Of course, he doesn’t get on Facebook, so he missed out on the dozens of posts I’ve made there. You know, you COULD “do Facebook”. Or I suppose I could make the effort to share those posts via email. Google Plus actually makes it easy to do that with their posting interface. Too bad I don’t bother using Google Plus.

Some people reading this who are on Facebook may not have seen the dozens of posts I’ve made on Facebook recently. I created a political filter on there, and I didn’t want to bombard everyone with my posts. If you wished I had included you, sorry. If you wished I had excluded you, sorry. I have 90 entries tagged “election 2008”. I only tagged 6 entries with “election 2012”. I think I generally haven’t wanted to direct traffic to this blog. And, again, I don’t know what to do with this blog.

I still resent that, a couple of years ago, someone had stuck my full name in the same sentence as this blog name. Even if I asked her to edit the page, it’s too late, since the content of that blog has been copied to all sorts of bot sites. I don’t know what percentage of the content here is such that I wouldn’t mind it being associated with my name. 50%? 75%? But I certainly don’t want to go through the thousands of posts to determine what I want to be private. And, again, it doesn’t matter anyway…everything is cached and archived somewhere.

Ok…I’m sitting here on the couch and spending way too much of Sunday morning typing this.

I would’ve gotten this back up sooner, but I had tried to implement a different WordPress theme. I had really liked it. There wasn’t anything I really cared to configure. Unfortunately, it would only show excerpts on the main page. The theme creator had a supposed fix, but it resulted in skipped entries. It was one of those themes with lots of custom code where there aren’t just simple core WordPress files to modify. This current theme is like that, too, and I hate it. But I don’t want to spend time picking a new theme. I just want the option to dump content on here again. So I’m back to the same theme. For some reason, have the styling is gone even though, in theory, it should look exactly the same. Whatever.

I really haven’t said ANYTHING in this entry.

The blog is back. I’m ambivalent. I’m less than ambivalent.


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