Tulum Part 12 / Wedding stuff (11/11/11)

The return of Tulum pictures! It’s been over 10 months, and I still haven’t finished going through the photos. I’d like to try to wrap that up. There are some great pictures that are worth the work to sort through.

Ironically, I do not have an impressive trove of photos from the wedding. The wedding. That’s why I was in Tulum Mexico on 11/11/11. Photography at the wedding itself was discouraged, so I don’t have anything from that absolutely stunning ceremony. I had my compact camera with me at the reception, but I didn’t make use of it. I’ve got the memories, which are great memories. It’s remarkable that I have such vivid memories, given what’s considered a tequila “shot” at a Tulum wedding and that I consumed…more than what one might consider reasonable. What can I say, there was magic in the air. It’s sad I don’t have more photos (of that night.)

Complete set of Tulum Flickr photos so far

Tulum - Wedding Ceremony 1 - Nice View
The view before the ceremony

Tulum - Wedding Cake
Cake! Yes, that’s a Mayan temple cake

Tulum - Wedding - Copious amounts of food
Food! There’s some meat and other stuff. That’s all I know. I took a picture.

Tulum - Wedding - Creepy unicyclist
Creepy unicyclist! This figurine on display at the hotel restaurant was a frequent conversation topic throughout the evening.

Tulum - Tequila
Tequila! Tequila made frequent appearances throughout the evening.


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