Did I mention…

that I’m scheduled for a second nephrectomy on December 12?

No, I didn’t. I’ve been chronicling my kidney adventures so meticulously these last several years, but I just kept putting off a post about this. I had actually gotten this set on the calendar a couple of months ago. I won’t write a whole lot about it now. These blog posts have that footer “You might also like…” and the posts are supposed to be somewhat related to the current post, but they sometimes appear to be random. I saw an old nephrectomy post…and NO, Chrome, I do not mean “lumpectomy”. (“Nephrectomy” now added to dictionary.)

I had SO much fun the first time around that I’ve wanted to do it again. (Summary…the nephrectomy and its aftermath were more grueling than the transplant.) Key difference, I hope, with the second time around is that I won’t have those pesky dialysis treatments to complicate matters.

I can honestly say that I think I’ll lose 10 pounds before my birthday. (Just a quick refresh for anyone who loves gross things…this was the kidney they took out of me back in January 2011…remember it’s polycystic, so it’s much larger than yours.)

Anyway, so there’s that.


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