Soliciting mattress advice. I’ve had my current one for 12 years. It’s probably been no good for my back for at least half of that time. I’m thinking a good mattress is a better investment for myself than just about any other expenditure, especially considering my sleep difficulties (a health issue I have yet to write about; adventures in sleep apnea and CPAP machine masks).

When considering something that’s crucial to my health, something I may use for another ten years, I don’t think it’s worth skimping. If a memory foam mattress is going to be better for my back and overall comfort compared to a coiled mattress, I’ll spend $1500 versus $500. Maybe a foam topper works fine atop of standard mattress. I have absolutely no idea.

I’ve seen in Consumer Reports that Original Mattress Factory scores high for customer service and quality, and I’m thinking of looking there. I was always impressed by the radio and TV ads that the founder Ron something-inski used to do (or still does?) If I knew what kind of mattress I wanted, I might just go to Costco. What I don’t want to do is go to one of the chains like Mattress King that constantly advertises deep-discount sales. Shopping at a place like that seems akin to a car-buying experience. Or, at least, it seems like a bad idea if you have no idea what you’re looking for (as was the case 12 years ago).


3 thoughts on “Mattresses

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  2. We will probably be shopping for one soon, as well. The last time, we got a sweet Stearns & Foster from Mattress Firm on North Pointe Drive (near Costco).

    We have tried the “memory foam” on top of a mattress, and find it’s bad on the back. It’s the same for the pillow tops.

    I would totally get a Tempur-Pedic, but Su finds them uncomfortable.

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