Healer VIII
During this round of illness, I’ve been missing the one thing that comforted me the most–Aremid. He was a reliable security blanket in all sorts of rough times. I could always count on him to curl up right up again me, or to drape his front paws over my arms or my chest. Sometimes, I would have to go grab him from somewhere else, but he almost always stayed put wherever I placed him. He was the best.

My other cat, no matter how much I love her, will never do these things. It’s not in her nature, not after spending 15 years as the second cat who always saw Aremid getting my initial attention. I think she learned to stay out of the way. She’ll lie on the bed a foot away, but she doesn’t cuddle. She wants to be left alone.

The grainy photo above is what I call “Healer VIII”, part of a series of poor-quality but meaningful photos to me of Aremid being there for me during times of healing. This one was taken three weeks after my transplant surgery.

I found some pictures from last August that I hadn’t gotten off my laptop and onto Flickr. There are three other similar ones. I’ll just post one here.

2011-08-23 Aremid (1)


One thought on “Healer

  1. This one was a tough read. I’ve been flipping through pages on hyperthyroidism & found this page in a search for “hyperthyroid laryngeal paralysis cats.” Anyway, my cat was diagnosed with hyperT & he’s like your Aremid. A “nurse cat” my friend once said. Always there to comfort me. This is why losing a cat like this will hurt so much more. Their compassion had been extended to us & if it leaves, it’s huge.

    I hope my cat can pull through all of his geriatric issues & I’m sorry for your loss.

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