Yup, that’s what I’ve got

Urgent care even got my nephrologist on the phone to make sure I can take the antivirals. It’s been caught early so I should be fine…at some point…maybe in a week? I’ll just have to do what I didn’t do the week before Labor Day last year, which is to figure EVERYTHING out.  Other than that I will pick up some earplugs from the drugstore so I don’t spend the next few days complaining about my neighbors.

If you have to go to urgent care, its always a good idea to be the first one there in the morning. Well, in order to be seen quickly, it is. They open at 8, but, unfortunately, CVS does not open until 10. So I am getting breakfast at an establish that rivals Chick-Fil-A in its forward thinking. I’ve sworn off the main fastfood chains but not this particular place yet. I’m going to enjoy my breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Yup, that’s what I’ve got

  1. Yikes. My uncle had a recurring case for a number of years, but it only flared when his factory work required him to pull doubles and he was desperately short on sleep for weeks on end, and since retirement, he hasn’t had it at all.
    So… I guess… stockpile some sleep if you can? Glad you could get in, diagnosed, and out in decent order. Speedy healing!

  2. Good luck. Mine was caught reasonably early (I guess), so it wasn’t horrible. I was also loaded up with a lot of Vicodin (I was seeing my regular doctor the day after Christmas, not an urgent care or ER person). OTOH, I was in the middle of trying to move and had just lost my job. I took at least one of those Vicodin every day (usually 3 spaced out, IIRC) until I got through getting all my crap out and the discomfort was gone.

  3. @ACW Sleep problems may very well have contributed. I haven’t written about it, but I’ve had a summer-long struggle with a CPAP machine to try to solve sleep apnea. If I can ever get that straightened, it should help with a lot of things.
    @JV I’m thinking mine won’t be too horrible since the Vicodin I just took has given me some comfort for the first time in a couple of days. The key also seems to be remaining in bed. The worst part was taking Capsaicin a few hours ago, which body can’t tolerate, I have learned (severe burning). I remember your lousy predicament. I don’t really have any legitimate problems to match. I grabbed some earplugs at CVS so that I can block out neighbor noise.

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