Airplane is 88 minutes of sheer joy. It never gets old for me. Just watched it via Amazon Prime. Nice change of pace from having watched a meth addict get crushed by an ATM on Breaking Bad the other night (Season Two…it’s really hard to watch back-to-back-to-back episodes…it will take me awhile to get through it…which is fine).

I really don’t miss cable/satellite. I’d be watching MSNBC all the time and more depressed by politics and the state-of-the-world than I already am…

That is all. Just some inconsequential thoughts that would normally just be a Facebook post. Shockingly, there are those who don’t have a Facebook account and have no idea the sheer amount of useless stuff I share on there that doesn’t wind up here.

Anyway, I should get up off the couch…

But, first, back to my original point…if you’re, say under 30, and you’ve only heard that Airplane! is hilarious but have never seen it, give it a chance. I’m not apt to watch a supposedly hilarious movie that was made before I was born. But trust me on this. It’s ok if you don’t know who Ethel Merman or Barbara Billingsley are. Well, there are probably a hundred jokes that depend on some pop-culture awareness. But then there are two-hundred more sight-gags and puns and wordplay jokes that will always be funny.

It helps if you are somewhat familiar with the Bee Gees. (The directors sped it up 10% in case it sounds off from the original).

No…that’s not the funniest scene. I love watching Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty dance, but…there’s more gut-busting stuff…

Hmmm…someone uploaded five minutes of material. A compilation…

No…lots of great stuff there, but…what’s my favorite scene? Too many. Here’s one more:


One thought on “Airplane!

  1. They do a spoof of the Stayin Alive scene in Ted. Since I was the oldest one in the theater, I was the only one who was laughing…it sucks getting old.

    That being said, while not my favorite comedy of all time, Airplane is the funniest film that I have seen.

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