Bungalow ’12 quick thoughts

I’m supposed to close on my mortgage refinance later, 5 years after making the unfortunate decision to buy this wreck of a house without the financing to make the massive improvements I had originally planned on. (Those plans were abruptly dashed a week before the original scheduled closing.)

I should not even have moved here in the first place.

The block just went from almost all renters to all renters except for two of us. I had the nicest family two doors down for five years, but they’ve left, and are renting the house to undergraduate frat guys, who, despite their proclamations that they want to be good neighbors, are not going to be good neighbors. Good neighbors do not need to tell you that they’re “having people over” all the time. Good neighbors don’t have beer cans in their front yard every other day. Good neighbors do not try to demonstrate that they’ll be good neighbors by citing their awareness of the Durham noise ordinance.

Even if they were the quietest Duke frat guys there can be (and they’re not, I am certain), I miss the family that lived there.

It is terrible for me to be so close to Duke. This is not the neighborhood I should be in. It’s not good for me. I won’t expound on this here and now.

And tomorrow is one of the most awful days of the year–Duke Freshmen move in on East Campus. Not because of the traffic. I don’t need the reminders of disastrous times from nearly 20 years ago. And they’re everywhere.

QUICK THOUGHTS, I said, and, again, I’m not going to elaborate.

On another note, I don’t think I’ll be giving Coastal Federal Credit Union any new business after tomorrow. This refinancing process has taken nearly three months, almost all due to their mangling of the process.

Anyway, I could have pulled any number of aggravations out of the sack of grievances. There’s mine for tonight.

More about the actual lousy state of the bungalow some other time.

Oh, I almost forgot. One of my two new grad school neighbors inexplicably feels it’s ok to only pull her car halfway into her driveway, thus blocking the sidewalk. I will not walk my dog around her Subaru via the street everyday. I’m sure anyone with baby stroller or a wheelchair won’t appreciate her obnoxious parking habits either.

No one should ever go to sleep angry.

No, I am not someone who needs to complain about something just for the sake of it. I am one of those people who needs to vent, or else I’ll completely shut down. Why am I being defensive? There’s a lot of shit going on that I cannot deal with all at once, and yet, it is always there all at once. Having douchey neighbors is something I’d prefer not to be adding to my list. Yes, I just used the very uncreative adjective douchey.


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