Need to train old dog to use puppy pads in middle-of-night

What?First what’s the preferred grammatical way of phrasing that, because what I just wrote implies that I need to train him in the middle of the night. Though, perhaps I do have to train him in the middle of the night? The problem is, I don’t want him to get used to just using the puppy pads whenever he needs to go. Though, perhaps, I do?

Herman can’t hold his bladder. Yes, this reminds me of a certain cat I used to have. I couldn’t train him, but he was a cat, after all.


3 thoughts on “Need to train old dog to use puppy pads in middle-of-night

  1. The way my mom trained our dogs when I was a kid:
    If the dog is confined to a specific room at night or has a preferred accident zone, paper (puppy pad?) the entire floor before you go to bed. When the inevitable happens and you discover the wet paper in the morning, point it out and praise the dog. Do this for a week.
    The second week, reduce the papering to half the room. Gently reprimand for missing the paper, highly praise for hitting the paper.
    Continue until you’re just working with a reasonable section of paper/pad.

  2. Excellent! And the carpeting in the room will look better with white and blue tiled flooring than the 50 shades of beige that has resulted from the numerous cat/dog accidents. (No use in carpet-cleaning until this has all stopped).

  3. LOL!
    Also… be aware that the smell of old accidents can draw pets to a specific location, so maybe a thorough steam-cleaning would tip off the ol’ boy’s nose not to piddle.

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