More metablogging

Last night, I was wondering if I should just kill off this blog. I’ve been writing “the what’s the point” post ever since I started it. I know what the point was. I didn’t want to be tied to the increasingly-aggravating platform LiveJournal (does anyone still use that?) I wanted my thoughts on my own website. I wasn’t creative enough to come up with a name that didn’t include “Toastie”, which is unfortunate, since there’s nothing toasty about my blog, and it’s certainly not the toastiest anything.

Facebook has killed many a personal blog. It’s easier just to use the platform that everyone’s on to share a thought. But I’ve always rented that Mark Zuckerberg and that company really own your thoughts. I’m guilty of having most of my thoughts flow over there, but I’m still uncomfortable with it.

But I’ve always been uncomfortable with this blog, too. Every time I post something personal, there’s this anxiety that I’ve crossed a line. I don’t want everyone’s reactions. I wish some people weren’t reading it at all.

If I can just focus on the therapeutic benefits of writing and completely discount what anyone actually thinks of it all, I’d be far better off. As I’ve established long ago and maintain, I can’t just relegate my thoughts to a private journal, because it’s not therapeutic have my thoughts go into a void. There is still a private journal, and content goes in there from time to time. There are plenty of topics and details not fit for public consumption. When I do post something as harsh as what I put up last night (and back in May 2008 and countless other times, which are out there for the finding, though I won’t be looking for most of them), it barely scratches the surface.

I don’t know where I’m going with it. I was intending to just to write for the sake of it. I should spend 15-20 minutes doing this every night.

I likely won’t be posting my daily Romney outrage. I am outraged by politics and other assorted news items on a daily basis. Unfortunately. I could really do without that outrage. We know I have plenty of negative energy stored up already without getting myself riled up about things I truly cannot control.

Specific topics. I was going to write about some. Not in this entry.


2 thoughts on “More metablogging

  1. I feel that way too sometimes. I would note how long it’s been since i’ve posted but i actually don’t even want to look at my blog. it’s hard.

    i want to have something to say to encourage you to keep the blog. i enjoy reading it. but i also understand the conundrum.

  2. The only reason I go to Google Reader anymore is to see if you’ve update your blog. It’s been awhile. But if you have to force yourself to blog, if it’s a chore, a hiatus makes sense. Unless you are overcome by guilt that your friends don’t know what’s going on with you anymore. Then you should blog!

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