Favorite Movie?

Saw Groundhog Day at the Carolina Theatre in Durham today. It’s part of the Dumbstruck series. The thing, it’s not a dumb movie at all, save for a couple of, well, dumb scenes director Harold Ramis could’ve left out. I loved it back in the nineties, but forgot just how much. If I ever owned it, someone borrowed it a long time ago and never returned it. It’s far from just being a silly comedy about a guy who relives the same day over and over again. It’s a sweet, romantic, and very funny, film about a guy who, through painstaking trial-and-error, ultimately figures out how to make the most out of his life…and get the girl (and the girl is the insanely wonderful Andie Macdowell).


One thought on “Favorite Movie?

  1. The first five times I saw bits and pieces of this movie, I *hated* it. Finally, someone convinced me to sit down and watch the whole thing, and I loved it… even though Bill Murray annoys the heck out of me as often as not. Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned) cracks me up every time, though.

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