Another day, another cat picture

It’s not my intention to post a picture of Aremid every other day. I’m not in perpetual mourning. Nor have I yet taken an adequate amount of time to pore through all the photos I have and take stock of his 16 years. I wish I could just take A DAY to mourn my cat. You probably think I have because of the posts I’ve made here. But I haven’t. Life begets plenty of other pressing problems.

Tonight, I was going to start going through photos. I wanted to pick out some favorites for a little project. And I wanted to enhance and/or crop ones that I may have previously not tried to do anything with. Unfortunately, I found myself sucked into a vortex of hate for Flickr, which has been my repository of choice for about six years, I think. Flickr is inadequate in so many ways I won’t go into it. But instead of going through photos, I was sidetracked by trying to figure out, in vain, how to best download my Flickr photos.

ANYWAY…within the very first photos, I noticed this one, and I think of it as Aremid’s happiest time. There were a few brief weeks in this new apartment in Durham when I wasn’t out of town training for a new job and prior to getting Zellouisa. I just love this picture.

Aremid on the balcony (Summer 1997) (2012 edit)
Summer 1997

I’ve been looking at some other photos from his early years, and there are so many great shots, much better than this…I can’t post every time I see some great shot…I’ll put together the best ones, put them out in a few posts, and that’ll be that.


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