I got a cat

My very first picture of Aremid
(May 1996)

No, no, I didn’t get a new cat. I’m referring to this photo from 16 years ago. And it was news at the time that I had gotten a cat, because I had never had a pet (the goldfish and rabbit from childhood don’t count.) And I had never had any interest in having a cat.

I know I took more photos of him back in 1996, but this is the only one that seems to have survived. (He would be an indoor/outdoor cat for the first 5 years or so.)

Without getting into the story of how I came to have Aremid in my life, I will say that another cat had come up to me first, but it had gotten bored and moved on. Aremid lingered, so I decided I’d bring him home.

Oh, and he was called “Patches”. No offensive to all the lovely cats named Patches or their people, but I thought Patches was..I’ll just say, I was not going to name my cat Patches.

I am not going to post pictures of Aremid ad nauseum. Most of them are on Flickr, and I’ve posted a lot of them on this blog over the past 5 years.

On second though, I probably will post pictures ad nauseum.


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