Herman got a much-needed dog-washing at today’s fundraiser for the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. Durham company Thundershirt was sponsoring the event, and they were raffling off some Thundershirts.

Herman, ever socially-inept on leash with other dogs, got to borrow a Thundershirt while we waited for his turn to be washed. Miraculously, he was able to go up to other dogs without snapping. He has never been able to do this. The Thundershirt truly lowered his anxiety to the point that he could interact, almost, like a normal dog. He still barks incessantly.

So, I was definitely going to go buy a Thundershirt after this experience. But I don’t have to, because we won a Thundershirt. Now I’m looking forward to taking him for walks with his Thundershirt, and we’ll see if maybe we can stop avoiding other dogs.


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