I wish I could tune out politics

I haven’t watched any of the 17 or 18 GOP debates. I certainly follow what’s going on. I read news stories and commentaries and hear way too much on NPR, who, to my annoyance, give these guys a fair shake. Most of what they say is repulsive to me.

I turned on the CNN debate earlier (via the web).

Romney, defending his Bain record of creating jobs to wild applause, got even bigger applause when he spoke of shoving capitalism down Obama’s throat in the general election campaign.

Santorum then chimed in that Obama was responsible for the squalor that too many Americans were living in.

I turned it off. I didn’t even wait for Newt to make his pandering over-the-top racist comment-of-the-hour.

McCain was the Dalai Lama compared to these guys. At least he’d tell supporters to calm down and that they were wrong when they’d say Obama was a Muslim or a terrorist who’d destroy America.

I don’t even like Obama all that much, but the tone of the GOP is so nasty.

UPDATE I recommend Andrew Sullivan’s commentary. It informs me and validates my disgust at the same time.


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