I am so sick of my Top 379

That being said, I will soldier on and post my entry for #379 tomorrow, #378 the following day, and so on and so forth. #1 will be posted on January 13, 2013.

I finished my four-month process of rating songs yesterday. The list is done. Really, I could just dump the list on here and be done with it and move on. Since most of the list are pointers to the past, it might be best to just be done with this project.

But the whole point of the project, initially, was to have something else to blog about. This aim was derailed, though, as I spent all this time listening to music and almost no time planning the blog. I’ve had a bunch of ideas of what I’d want on the site but haven’t implemented anything.

Fortunately, I don’t really care about the first 100 or so songs, so if I do little more than dump a post with a video once a day for the first three months, I won’t feel like I’ve failed. I may eventually regain some enthusiasm for the project. However, I’ve really got more important projects to focus on, that are more relevant to bettering myself.

I still can’t decide if I go with a bare bones WordPress theme that I can build on or use a pre-fab theme isn’t ideal for what I’m doing but I can tweak as I go.

So the site is top379.com if you want to visit it, and I hope that you will. Subscribe to the feed in your reader of choice. I won’t mention it on here every single day. Maybe I’ll do weekly summaries.

Oh, so when I say I’m sick of the Top 379, I’m most sick of the music itself. Four months of listening to music that I like but that is, for the most part, critically maligned and that conjures up bad memories.

Maybe this project is a way of gradually weaning myself off of the stuff I’ve liked since I was 14.

Goal for 2012: Discover good music.

I hear Durham has this live music scene. What’s that all about? And are any of them Air Supply tribute bands?


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