Metablogging 2011.12.30

16 days without a post. I used to go five or six and declare I was on hiatus. I thought I would have something to say about this, but I don’t. I’ll try anyway. That’s what I used to do and suppose still do on rare occasions…just do some stream-of-consciousness writing and see where it goes, not worry about where it goes, and post it as-is.

I used to write about politics every other day. Or, rather, I’d post about politics. I’d typically just post a link to or an excerpt from something I had read, or a video. I don’t typically trust the integrity of my own arguments to write any extended commentary. But it was something. I’m not going to look it up, but I must have had dozens of posts with the tag ‘election 2008’. Actually, it’s easy enough to look up. 90. I had 90 posts related to the 2008 election. The 2012 election? One post. I haven’t lost interest in politics. I’m reading about politics every day. I’m done with cable, so I don’t hear the sound-bytes 40 times a day. I don’t hear Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann’s commentaries. But I’m still very much attuned to what’s going on and have strong opinions. But I’m not sharing them. I don’t have a good reason for not doing so. I just haven’t.

I used to post about lots of random things. I suppose all those random things wind up as Facebook posts. Maybe 90% of my blog posts from several years ago would’ve simply been Facebook posts in 2011. The reality is that if your goal is share thoughts and information with people, you’ll reach more people on Facebook than with a blog…well, if your blog has an insignificant readership in the first place.

Still, I like that I own my blog. Mark Zuckerberg owns whatever I or anyone else posts on Facebook. As long as I pay for my domain and web hosting, this is mine. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, this would all be gone in a couple of months when my hosting provider shut off my delinquent account. I suppose I could figure out how to automatically mirror this site on But now I’m being morbid.

Back to the State of My Blog. So I post pictures…of a vacation…of the pets. I post music I like, which I know is of no interest to anyone. Still, I’ve persisted with this Top 379 project, which I’ll have a post about later on.

There were the kidney posts. Those get a bit old. I’ve stil got ongoing issues, but I don’t know if they warrant posts. Then again, since I avoid any type of support groups or forums, venting about these ongoing issues would probably be therapeutic.

Blogging has always been therapeutic…except when it hasn’t been…and it’s been a chore to post just for the sake of posting. Once I start being selective about what I post, when I think too hard about what’s worth a post and what’s not, that’s when the blog is a chore. Went I post random stuff on a whim, I think that’s when it’s actually therapeutic. That’s probably also when anyone reading this actually finds the blog more interesting. Though, I shouldn’t really care what anyone reading this finds interesting. It’s not like I make money off of page views.

Ok, so I started off with nothing to say and said a bunch. It may have been a bunch about nothing, but that’s something.


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