Tulum Part 10 / Beach (sand, ocean, sky, rocks, birds, dogs, etc.)

Tulum - Beach 26 - Beach dogsOne walk on the beach, camera in hand. Still only on Day 2 of 4. It’s been over four weeks now, and I’m still milking this for blog posts. Also, I took a ton of pictures. It’s a good thing that I don’t know Photoshop or use anything more advanced than Picasa, and even then, I just crop and occasionally do an “I Feel Lucky”. So I took about 75 pictures, uploaded 28 to Flickr, and I’ll narrow it down to 10 here. No, the woman on the rocks was not aware I was taking a picture with her in the frame. Then again, the dogs were also oblivious to my presence.

Tulum - Beach 01

Tulum - Beach 07

Tulum - Beach 09

Tulum - Beach 10

Tulum - Beach 13

Tulum - Beach 18

Tulum - Beach 20 - Birds

Tulum - Beach 24 - Birds

Tulum - Beach 26 - Beach dogs-1

Complete set of beach photos from 11/11/11


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