Top 379 / the countdown begins / hypothetical 32. Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Just messing. Working twenty minutes a day to get this site in great. Or, it started back in July or August or whenever I started this monstrosity of an ego project. But thousands of song ratings later, I’m coalescing around a few hundreds songs that will be THE Top 379, to be unveiled throughout 2012.

I have just started Round 4–The Final Round–of rating songs. What does that mean> It’s like KFC’s secret herba and spices. I can’t tell anyone, especially anyone who knows anything about statistics, since whatever I am doing is likely statistical heresy,

One idea beyond doing that will be that, over a course of a year, I may learn legitimate statistical measures around how lists such as The Top 379 ought to be corrated.

For Now, a rudimentary entry (working on a template far from completion….)

55. Phil Collins – Against All Odds


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