Tulum Part 09 / Cabañas Tulum

Laziness and three weeks of distance make it an ever more difficult task to go through my Tulum photos. I’ve got at least three decent sets left. This is not one of them. Just a few pics to represent where I stayed, which, I think, as I had mentioned, was at the hotel next door to where the main wedding action was taking place (and where everyone else stayed). Cabañas Tulum is a pleasant little place on the beach. Oh, yes, I did already write briefly about where I stayed. I just hadn’t mentioned the name. So now I’m breaking out the tilde and mentioning the name.

So here’s precisely where I stayed:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum room

If I stepped out onto that patio, this is the view I had:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum view from room

And if I walked down that path, I would see this:

Tulum - Cabanas Tulum - beach view


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