Tulum Part 03 / Tulum Sunset

Just the same sunset shot from the same vantage point over and over again. Yup, I’m really drawing this out. No idea how many pics are to come because I’ve only unloaded one camera so far, and I’ve only gone through about 20% of those. These are from the Coolpix I got a year ago so I could take decent Asheville and Austin pics. I’ve still got the good camera to unload. And then who knows what’s on the cell phone.

The sunrise pics are a lot better than these sunset pics. But I didn’t take those until Sunday. We’re only on Thursday, 5:00 PM.

Tulum Sunset (5)

Tulum Sunset (3)

Tulum Sunset (1)Tulum Sunset (2)

Tulum Sunset (6)Tulum Sunset (7)


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