Top 379 preview

This wacky Dionne Warwick version of Unchained Melody with the pipe-banging and twelve drummers drumming and bombastic yet lovely dramatic key change probably won’t be featured, so I’ll feature it here and now. Props to YouTube user sharonastairs for filming her record player. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! This post would not be complete without the wonderful visuals. I’m getting dizzy…

A note on the top 379..I’m obsessed with ratings songs. The whole point of this project was to mess with WordPress and learn some web skillz, but I’m too busy listening to Spotify and Amazon Cloudy Player and mixtapes from 1992.

Oh, and I have a Spotify playlist of many other versions of Unchained Melody if you’re really bored and tired of The Righteous Brothers’ version. Oh, how I loathe the Sarah McLachlan version.

Update Hey, I just noticed that this album cover spells Dionne Warwick’s name Dionne Warwicke. Alas, this is not her birthname, as, according to Wikipedia, that would be Marie Dionne Warrick. So what’s up with Warwicke? This will keep me up tonight.


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