Succumbing to local discount fever

On a metablogging note, I’m currently in an uninhibited mood that’s probably fueled by the prednisone. I could post anything that’s on my mind. I mean, normally I would not post about a range. (Sure you would.)

Anyway, as I had gone through my company’s corporate perks site to make my range purchase at (this will probably net me about $15), I decided to check out the local restaurant deals.

Now, I had looked at these before and didn’t fall for the deals of $25 gift certificates for $2. The catch is always something akin to making a minimum purchase of double the gift certificate amount or ordering two entrees. So, for example, you can get a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant for $4, but you have to spend $100, so you’re saving $46 on a $100+ dinner that you probably would never have had otherwise. However, if it’s a restaurant you’ve really wanted to try, it is still a good deal. Also, you’re only investing $2 or $4, so if you decide to never use it, you’re not out a whole lot of coin.

I am fairly certain I have never used the word “coin” in the context that I just did. It’s the prednisone.

Anyway, so I’ve got what are essentially coupons for Tonali (Mexican), The Palace International (African), and Blu (seafood). I know Blu is great. Did I choose wisely with the other two?


One thought on “Succumbing to local discount fever

  1. i’ve enjoyed the palace international, although it seemed (both times that i went) expensive for what it was. definitely would go back with a coupon, though.

    my problem with is that every time i’ve used one of those coupons, i’ve had to present it up front and as soon as i do, the server promptly decides that i’m a pain in the ass and need to know it. and then i spend the rest of my meal overcompensating which is stupid. i never have that problem with other deal sites…i hope your experience is better!

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