Chili Powder


I think I can toss this in the trash. I’ve got a newer bottle. Oh, the Archer Farms one says best by August 2007. Time for new spices, especially if I’ll be trying to cook and all.


2 thoughts on “Chili Powder

  1. ok, i’m just going to say that half of my spices belonged to my grandma. my dad mailed them to me (in a sentimental old spice rack) at least a year before he died, almost four years ago now. and i still use them. ain’t no shame in my game!

    (aren’t you so glad i didn’t cook anything from scratch last night?)

  2. Haha. From what I’ve been able to gather, most spices don’t go bad. They may just lose potency, so you just use more. And I’ve now realized you can buy spices by bulk in baggies at Whole Foods.

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