Why I Like Where I Live #13: I’m near Northgate Park

Herman in the Northgate Park hood

I say “#13” as if I’ve been actively compiling list. I haven’t. I had to go back a year-and-a-half to see what number I was at. And they’re mostly random things that I experience once in a blue moon.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Durham, and I just happened to have been in Northgate Park this morning. There’s a park called Northgate Park and a neighborhood called Northgate Park. Herman and I had a brief tour of the Northgate Park neighborhood today. We approve. Heck, I’d plan to move there if I weren’t so obsessed with the notion of someday making my current home into something.

Good neighborhood choice, Mary and Enrique.

Anyway, must start exploring more locally (well, more everywhere)


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