Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #6 New Phone

Got sick of my HTC Hero because I found it very difficult to type on the touchscreen keyboard since the screen is small compared to newer phones. I was constantly choosing the wrong auto-suggest word. More annoying was the need to constantly delete apps, since Android 2.1 does not allow you to save apps to a memory card, and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of rooting the phone.

So I got the HTC Evo Shift. It technically can use a 4G network, but Sprint doesn’t have much of a 4G network here. Still, the web browsing in 3G seems faster. The screen is bit bigger, so it’s easier to type with the touchpad. But I really wanted a slideout keyboard, which comes in handy for typing emails. And I can get as many apps as I want.

That makes four cell phones in four years, I think. Maybe five in five? It’s pathological. Some Samsung non-smartphone to another Samsung non-smartphone to an iPhone 3G to the Hero to the Evo.


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