Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #5 Resumed Treating My Cat For Diabetes


Zellouisa was about to come off insulin about 5 years ago after having been on it for about a year. Moving to a low-carb Fancy Feast diet did the trick last time. Unfortunately, Aremid’s health has taken precedence over the past year, meaning I’ve been putting out dry food (loaded with carbs) easily accessible to Aremid so he could gain some weight, as well as any Fancy Feast he’d eat (gravy varieties add a bunch of carbs). Z was losing a lot of weight, too, I noticed, and she, like Aremid, was drinking a lot of water.

She wound up saying at the vet’s overnight after having some vomiting following her initial visit. In all, she was at the vet’s for three straight days. Lots of tests, lots of $ spent. Her insulin was high, and she had a UTI. (That rhymes!)

So she’s back on insulin. Surprisingly, she likes getting the shots. Zellouisa will actually come to me when I open the fridge. I do pet her a lot afterwards. All in all, she’s been a heck of a lot more affectionate since that overnight stay at the vet’s.


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