Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #2 New Glasses


Got new glasses.

Not really so significant other than the costliness of it. Vision plans are a racket. My plan, which restricts the eye doctors I can see, winds up discounting my eye exam and contact lens exam, but that’s off of an inflated base price. In the end, seeing the Costco eye doctor without a vision plan would’ve amounted to roughly the same cost.

Eyeglass pricing is really ridiculous. The frames are priced at a huge mark-up. $185 becomes $43 after the vision plan kicks in. Plain lenses are “free” rather than $90 with my plan. But here’s where the retail pricing and supposed plan pricing becomes insanely ridiculous. I want/need lenses made with the high-index material, UV and scratch protection, and the anti-glare coating. $290 retail. The plan charges $179 for the lenses with that extra stuff included.

So the glasses store is so proud to hand me a statement that shows how I got my $565 glasses for just $222.

The thing is, I got my previous two pairs at Costco without a vision plan and with the lenses with all the super-duper stuff, and I only paid $200 each time.

The only drawback to Costco is, like with everything else there, the selection is limited.

I don’t mean for this to be a rant. I got glasses I like, and I basically broke even in spite of the smoke and mirrors.

Also, those pricy eye places will totally rip you off with their contact lens prices. Their “exclusive” rebates don’t make purchasing from them worth it. Stick with Costco or mail-order.


One thought on “Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #2 New Glasses

  1. One of my friends uses She loves them and they are very reasonable. Cute glasses too! I think all you need is a copy of your prescription. Hope this helps 🙂

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