Things I Did On My Summer Vacation #1

New KidneyI’ve had most of the summer off and will be returning to work tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to play blog catch-up and write a little bit about some things I’ve been up to, mostly over the last few weeks. But it’s getting late, so maybe I’ll start on that tomorrow night. One of these things, which I think is a fairly significant achievement, still requires another 48 minutes of my time, and I’d like to finish that off before I go to sleep.

I should begin, though, with a brief reflection on what was certainly the most significant event of my summer. Maybe I’ve seemed blasé about it. I haven’t said the things that perhaps one is suppose to say. I haven’t proclaimed that “I have my life back”. I haven’t thanked the various higher powers that others have prayed to.* I haven’t said that “I feel like a new person”. I haven’t figured out what I’ll do with Life 2.0 or how I’ll do it.

Wow, that’s just bloody awful…referring to “Life 2.0″…what a terrible cliché. Then again, so is “bloody awful”.

I have certainly pondered the meaning of this a great deal. It’s been a spiritual experience. *This does not mean I haven’t felt gratitude. Towards what or whom, I shall keep to myself.

So, things I did on my summer vacation…I got a new kidney…

Things #2-7 are far more superficial, but I look forward to writing about them a lot more than I care to say much more about the transplant. I’m sure I’ll return to the topic at some point.


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