A kidney transplant update because I don’t think I’ve done one in awhile

Actually, it seems to have been about three weeks. No news was good news, I guess you could say.

My creatinine dipped below 2.0, down to 1.9. Still not great, but less worrisome. I’m only getting blood work once a week, and I don’t know what last Thursday’s reading was. This Friday, I’ll call to see about the previous two. The nephrology clinic would’ve called if there was anything to be concerned about.

I was having some incision pain a couple of weeks ago. An ultrasound didn’t turn up anything problematic. Any attempts at full days of activity cause my new kidney to ache a bit.

My worst problem at the moment is these tremors that my pinkies are having. It makes using a cellphone and a laptop a little uncomfortable. Hand tremors are a common side effect of the anti-rejection drug Prograf. My symptoms are not nearly as severe as others I have read about, and there’s little that can be done, as far as I know.

My second biggest side-effect is feeling overheated when neither my body nor my environment actually are. Or, when it’s 95 degrees outside, it feels like 110 to me.

It’s time to return to work, and I’ll do that a week from Tuesday. So this is my last week off.

That’s all, folks.


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