I’m a little late to the party with Louis the purportedly awesome F/X show starring Louis C.K. I’m just watching the pilot via Netflix. I’m going to enjoy this show.

It’s not fun to be single at 41. I was married for 10 years, I’m divorced, I have two children. It’s hard to start again after a marriage. It’s hard to really look at someone and go ‘Maybe something nice will happen’. I know too much about life to have any optimism. I know even if it’s nice, it’s going to lead to shit. I know if you smile at somebody and they smile back, you’ve just decided something shitty is going to happen. You might have a nice couple of dates but then she’ll stop calling you back and that’ll feel shitty. Or you’ll date for a long time and then she’ll have sex with one of your friends or you will with one of hers and that will be shitty. Or you’ll get married and it won’t work out and you’ll get divorced and split your friends and money and that’s horrible. Or you’ll meet the perfect person who you love infinitely and you even argue well and you grow together and you have children and then you get old together and then SHE’S GONNA DIE

(Well, the guy is more likely to die first, but that’s beside the point.)

In other Netflix viewing news, I’ve made my decision about Netflix new pricing structure (which begins September 1, if you haven’t figured out what you’re doing yet). I don’t watch many movies. I do have an interest in watching TV shows that I’ve missed, which Netflix streaming is great for. So I’m dropping the one-DVD-at-a-time. Just $7.99/month, which I think is how much Hulu Plus is. I briefly used Hulu Plus. It’s advantage over Netflix is that it will bring you up to the current season of a network show…but I don’t watch many network shows, and Hulu’s selection of shows isn’t as extensive as Netflix’s. Netflix’s? That doesn’t sound right…

In other Netflix viewing news, I’m one-third of the way through Season 3 of Mad Men, having started about six weeks ago. I highly recommend it.


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