I have a suitable career for Sarah Palin. She can be the spokesperson for I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter.

By the way, she’s not running for President and never has been. She’s only relevant as a “potential presidential candidate”, and she’ll milk that for all its worth. Eventually, she will say that she can’t subject her family to the gotcha tactics of the lamestream media.

Then again, my political predictions are not so reliable. I once said that John Kerry would be Obama’s Secretary of State.

Looking for votes? I’m looking for hands to shake, and I’m looking for fried butter on a stick and a fried Twinkie as soon as I can get there, just looking to talk to the good people of Iowa, these good hardworking farm families, I love it. … I don’t think I’m stealing any spotlight…
Sarah Palin, Iowa State Fair, 08.12.2011


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