WordPress technical difficulties

WordPress technical problems…

Just spent three hours upgrading from 3.2 to 3.2.1, which I only did in an attempt to get a plugin to work. I want to automatically send my Durham-related posts to another blog, because I want to play with another WordPress blog and can’t think of anything useful or productive or interesting to create. Well, I’ve thought of some things that might be interesting to me but nobody else.

Anyway, I curse the WordPress automatic update, as it wrecked havoc with my site. The manual upgrade is easier than I remember it being, so I think I’ll always do that from now on.

So, back to my wanting to play with another WordPress blog…I just want to configure one from scratch where I actually do it by-the-book instead of guessing how to customize stuff and just making it harder to maintain four years later, because I’ve got layers upon layers of improperly coded customizations.

Oh…and someone comment so I can see nested comments in action. I don’t know how long WordPress has included those as an option, but I’ve only noticed the setting now.


4 thoughts on “WordPress technical difficulties

  1. I’ve found it best to upgrade one plugin at a time…makes it a bit easier to track down issues if there are any. That and doing a backup beforehand, of course. 🙂

    I only had really serious upgrade problems with a site that had a poorly written custom theme…what a nightmare…

    • I made the mistake of forgetting to disable plugins first. I did it after the first failed upgrade, but it was too late. It’s also probably a good idea to review my plugins from time to time to see if I still need them, as some of them are probably relics of WP 1.x where the functionality may be built it already.

  2. nested comments! i should try to get those going for textpattern…unfortunately it looks like all the plugins people have attempted are not totally finished..

  3. Nested, shmested. They’re not working yet. Maybe they only work with certain themes that support them. I’m sure I’ll do by somewhat annual theme change soon enough, anyway.

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