I should provide a brief kidney update. The biopsy was relatively painless. The results were negative for any signs of rejection. This is good news. I consider it to be worrisome news that my creatinine remains around 2.25. My doctor doesn’t want to make any changes. Only.if my creatinine remains elevated for another six weeks will he want to change my meds. That would mean starting on the dreaded prednisone. By some measures, I may be doing well. I still feel like I am in limbo, far from being out of the woods.

Tangential problem I will try to have addressed next week–my AV fistula continues to grow on my upper arm, and the super vein is causing much discomfort. I’ll have the vascular surgeon take a look next week.


2 thoughts on “Post-biopsy

  1. So happy to hear that there doesn’t seem to be any rejection. My son went through the same thing with the same results. Seems like it takes the new kidney some time to adjust to its new environment. He’s at 20 months post transplant and doing great. I expect that you will do the same. Keeping you in my prayers!

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