My creatinine is 1.9 as of yesterday. It’s under 2.0, so no biopsy for me!

But I’m still going to head out of Dirty Derm tonight, take a one-night vacation, to an undisclosed location, and celebrate my improving kidney function.

3 thoughts on “1.9

  1. David, I was quite blown away by your blog and I’m very happy your health has improved. So, you had an online journal all along, sharing your serious condition with the whole world, but kept it away from me? I had mistakenly thought you were simply a slacker, who enjoyed poisonous aspartame loaded diet drinks :D. Tip: Please stick to pure water from now on (after you’ve tried “the good stuff” of course, at your undisclosed location). Any way buddy, I’m glad you’re divorced from the Blue Duchess — She was a b!tch any way. Stay strong, and I’m sure we’ll meet again at some point in our professional lives.

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