Aremid as Healer

Two more grainy photos to add to my collection of Aremid helping me through a convalescence:

Healer IXHealer VIII

And the rest of the collection:

Aremid, Healer, yet againAremid as Healer VIHealer VHealer 4
Healer IIIHealer IIHealer


3 thoughts on “Aremid as Healer

  1. Well, I think you and E have just signed up to be A’s guardian should something happen to me! (It’s not much of a commitment…he is 15 after all).

    The contractor was here for a couple of hours, though the unit was basically running ok but was low on freon again. He added more freon (maybe I should’ve just bought the remainder of yours) and also added a dye that will allow us to tell where the leak is. He did not think it was in the evaporator. I bet E could probably spot the leak now, since I think you just have to shine a flashlight around. But with temps at 100 outside, I don’t really expect the areas outside of the living room to get below the low 80s anyway, so no rush now. Enough going on otherwise, unfortunately.

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