So, some positive things about having my new b-positive kidney that I’ve enjoyed the last few days:

  • Zero dialysis
  • Restaurant Diet Coke*
  • Chocolate brownie*
  • Not having to take pills with every meal
  • Lots of peeing (hadn’t realized how much my peeing had decreased over the last few months/years) TMI?
  • Zero post-dialysis feeling-like-crap

* Stuff high in phosphorus that I was supposed to avoid while on dialysis

Off to my first post-hospitalization nephrology clinic visit in the morning…


One thought on “B-positive

  1. That is awesome Toastie!!! You will start noticing little benefits like that. I am about 8 months out for mine and I am starting to feel an amazing level of unbounded energy. I pray the same for you. We are going to try to come see you next week. Good luck at your appointment!

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